Saturday, 29 December 1973

Chaos, Christie, Carson and Crap


Dear Diary (and potential diary thieves),

Apparently this thing with Nixon and the Watergate scandal would never have happened if a security guard hadn't noticed a piece of sticky tape covering a latch on the basement door. After he'd removed it once and found it reapplied, he called the police. The burglars were there to bug the Democratic National Committee. For some reason.

Apparently that's Chaos Theory at work.

Went to the cinema and watched The Wicker Man and Don't Look Now. Dracula in drag, Ekland's arse & Christie's Bristols. Might go again tomorrow.

I didn't see it, but apparently Johnny Carson read something out on The Tonight Show saying that there is a shortage of loo paper in the US. Cue panic buying, craziness in every shop you visit and people fighting over shitrag in the streets.

All eyes on 1974, I need to be in Belgium by the 4th of January and back in Blighty by the 11th, but I can't find me fucking Passport anywhere.

Mr C"