Tuesday, 10 May 2011


There have been dozens of comments on this blog and many of them by other people. Here they are presented without context so as to seem even stranger...:

"Great post!"

"Obviously I meant 'random shit' in the sense of 'genius of the highest quality' - my use of English can be rather poor at times."

"Point taken!"

"That is so weird!"

"Great! I'll bear that in mind: Y2K.01. It's bound to catch on."

"Hi, I'm visiting from the Birthday Blog. I'm a twenty ten person but I reserve the right to refer to 2011 as two thousand and eleven. I used to work with a boss who's catchphrase was "there's no merit in consistency" and it seems to have rubbed off."

"lol! Silly!"

"I'm touched. I'd ask you to pay tribute to my latest injury, but I don't know where you'll find a statue of a big teste."

"I totally want this dress."


"I just watched the rehearsals video. Very funny, but it could do with a teeny bit of cutting. My favorite was the wonderful Haircut sketch - simple and had me laughing out loud even before the poor guy came into shot. You just KNEW it was going to be a really shit haircut. Excellent - and I like the genuine warmth. Glad I've stumbled across your blog."

"Doh, you had me going there Carruthers!!!!!!"

"That dog has no tail. What has Carruthers done to him?"

"Simon says take a picture of your sister on the toilet and mail it to me."

"I would like to donate directly to Mr Carruthers. Please advise."

"Very nice. What's with the ginger? He doesn't make me laugh so much as he makes me want to hurt myself."

"This was the video where Simon Pegg gets a haircut, right?"

"Tanya asl"

"That's rather sweet, really."

"That picture is filling me with all kinds of feelings that I'm not comfortable describing here."

"I hate you guys."

"1) The Garden State
2) Cecil B. DeMille
3) Abraham Lincoln
4) Barry Lyndon?
5) carbonation
6) Carruthers' spine"

"Who is giving thumbs down?"

"Never can be too careful around that Carruthers bear."

"I'm horny."

"This is what we get on the 13th day of Christmas? Can't we at least have an additional partridge in a pear tree?"

"Oops. Maybe I thought it was a big droopy swan wang."

"You miscounted your swans. This blog is the gay."

"Christmas at the Carruthers house must involve a lot of vomiting."

"Iain Lee is cool. Yes I admit that his career is screwed but he is funny as shit. I enjoy listening to him and I love his videos as well."


"This picture makes me feel confused and conflicted."

"In every sense of the word, those are perfect."


"I wish the blue one also came with breasts."

"I would like my next in-flight movie to star Mr. Carruthers and Kathy Bates. Please email me when this becomes possible."

"Lemonhead does terrible things to me after lights-out."

"For one fleeting second I thought I might be able to use this joke in real life. Then I realized that people don't actually start knock-kock jokes by saying ding dong."

"The world is an ugly place."

"I just realized there was a video in this post. At first I only clicked the picture, which led to a picture. It turns out I had to click some words.

You guys should make this more clear, somehow. Maybe you should write a notice about having to click words to see videos. You should have to click words to see the notice. If you click a picture you only get a sound file of hobos screaming."


"Neither of those links work you shit head."

"well done that man!"

"American 'Nad.

Or, conversely, Inappropriate Dad.

Also: schism, prism, lesbianism. I hope those help!"

"Honestly I prefer the remastered Bed Dwarf. The digital addition of more heads in the foreground of the orgy scene really gives it greater impact."

Thank you to anyone who took the time to post.

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