Monday, 26 September 2011

The Five Year Mission

This blog feature several posts that reference to the original series of Star Trek:

• Almost every episode of the original series of Star Trek opens with William Shatner's "Space, the final frontier..." monologue.

DeForest Kelley played Doctor Leonard McCoy.

Ijumaa is Sunday in Swahili and features a photo of Uhura because she is practically the face of Swahili.

Osculate features a photo from The Man Trap.

• The venus drug is a Narcofiction mentioned in Mudd's Women and the photo comes from the same episode.

Good Night features a photo from Shore Leave.

Well Was It? features a doctored photo from Court Martial.

Lirpa, Amok and T'Pau all reference elements of the episode Amok Time.

Satellitic Culprit features a diagram of Nomad from The Changeling.

Video Nasties features a photo from Spectre Of The Gun.

• A version of Leonardo Da Vinci appears in Requiem For Methuselah.

• The posts Friday's Child and And The Children Shall Lead share their name with episodes of the series.

Other Star Trek related posts can be found here.

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