Monday, 24 October 2011

Homeward Bound

This blog features a several posts that reference Star Trek: Voyager:

The Terrible Twos features a photo from Twisted.

Centennial and The Next Hundred both feature photos from The Q And The Gray.

Simon Sats uses a photo from Future's End.

• The photo in Up Above The World So High is from Friendship One.

Resistance Is Futile remains the Borg catchphrase.

• Voyager's Doctor sings 'I've Been Working On The Railroad' in Virtuoso.

Index: I's features a sort of reference to the title Eye Of The Needle.

• A hologram of Leonardo Da Vinci appears in Scorpion & Concerning Flight.

Learning Curve, Non Sequitur, Lifesigns, Displaced, Concerning Flight, Bliss, 11:59, Shattered, The Void and Endgame all share their names with episodes of the series.

Other Star Trek related posts can be found here.

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