Monday, 21 November 2011

Exiled To Earth, Bohemia And Beyond...

This blog features a number of post which reference Doctor Who in the 1970's:

• Jon Pertwee Splinked with the best of the them.

Seventeen Heads Are Better Than One features a photo from Spearhead From Space.

Void uses an image from the Season 11 title sequence.

What Time Is It? uses a photo from Death To The Daleks.

• "Dying Can't Be That Bad Everybody's Doing It" is a Tom Baker quote.

• The target used in Two Minutes appears in Genesis Of The Daleks.

• The Master says "Resistance Is Futile" in The Deadly Assassin.

• There are seven Mona Lisas in City Of Death

• Vraxoin is a Narcofiction that appears in Nightmare Of Eden.

Other Doctor Who related posts can be found here.

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