Friday, 30 December 2011

Top Ten Posts

I've looked into the statistics and conted on my fingers and worked out what the top ten most popular posts are in terms of hits:

At number 10 it's:
Fimble #9
I presume that this disappoints scores of childen. Sorry.

Number 9 is:
Mo Than Ever
People must either be searching for Bajansinh Juwansinh Gurjar or looking for his beautiful facial locks.

In at number 8 it's:
Which is either popular because people wih to improve their French or because Dawn has beautiful cleavage. You decide.

In an impressive piece of synchronicity, number 7 is:
Cymbal #7
From the same series of osts that gave us a Fimble, here's a Cymbal.

Number 6 makes me proud since it since it must be a good thing that it's:
Thanks Be To You
I'm certain this is only ever found by nice people who wish to be thankful in multiple languages and the rest of the blog must appal them.

Number 5 is a post I'm quite pleased to see here, it's:
What Is He Miming?
Presumably only popular with Google Image Searchers after mimes, but still...

Number 4 is:
A Gi Lewisham
Sadly for Gi, it's more likely because of that handy map than because he is inordinately popular. I could be wrong.

The top three now and surprisingly number 3 is:
Index: Z's
I have no idea how this happened.

Ever popular at number 2 it's:
Famke's Johnson
I knew this post had garnered a lot of hits, mostly from people searching for 'Famke Janssen nude' (Who I suppose would now be directed here instead, unlucky Famke Janssen nude fans).

And our all time number 1 (so far) is:
Index: Y's
Which is disappointing, because once again it must be due to image search people who are probably taking the piss out of the youth of today.

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